Installing Prognoz Platform 8 Desktop Application

Preparation for Installation

NOTE. Installing different distribution kits of one release is forbidden. On consequent installation of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Prognoz Platform 8 within one release and on further deleting of one version of Prognoz Platform 8 (x32 or x64) the other version will not work if. For details see the Installation Features section.

On occurring problems on Prognoz Platform 8 installation see the Solving Possible Problems on Startup and Logon section.

Prognoz Platform 8 Installation

  1. Run the installer. After the startup the installation program checks if there is an earlier build of the installed Prognoz Platform 8 version, and if such version is found, the program prompts to update Prognoz Platform 8.

  2. If an earlier version is not found, a dialog box opens asking to select the installation language:

NOTE. The language selection dialog box is not shown if the parameter L was used to start the distribution kit.

The default language is the language selected in regional settings (see Control Panel -> Language and Regional Settings -> Formats tab). The selected language is also used as a Prognoz Platform 8 interface language.

NOTE. Interface language of Prognoz Platform 8 can be changed after installation.

  1. The installer checks whether there is additional software (prerequisites) on the workstation. If the required prerequisite is not installed, or only an earlier version is available on the computer, the system prompts to install it:

Clicking the Install button will install all the available components one by one. If the required prerequisites are missing in the ISSetupPrerequisites folder, Prognoz Platform 8 installation stops, and the appropriate message is displayed.

If the required prerequisites are included into the distribution kit, the Status column shows setup status for each of the components: successful, installing, pending.

After prerequisites are installed, a message may appear that the system needs to be restarted. Answer Yes to restart or No to continue with the installation. After this message appears, it is recommended to restart the computer as it is required for proper installation of the remaining prerequisites and Prognoz Platform 8. The installation is continued automatically after the restart: the dialog box opens to continue with prerequisites installation or the first page of Prognoz Platform 8 installation wizard.

  1. The first page of the installation wizard shows the introductory information:

Click the Next button to continue installation.

  1. If earlier versions of the Prognoz Platform or PROGNOZ 5 are installed on this workstation, the following page appears:

Select operation:

§  Remove All Previous Versions. All earlier versions of the PROGNOZ 5 and Prognoz Platform will be deleted from the computer.

§  Keep All Previous Versions. All the existing versions of PROGNOZ 5 and Prognoz Platform are kept.

Click the Next button:

  1. Then, select the folder, to which Prognoz Platform 8 components will be installed. By default the PP8Full_x86.exe prompts to install the application to the C:\Program Files\JSC Prognoz\ or C:\Program Files(x86)\JSC Prognoz\ folder on installing to the 64-bit system. Click the Change button to change the installation folder.

  1. On the next page, select the installation configuration:

Select a required setup type and click the Next button:

§  Complete. The complete components set is to be installed on the workstation (this installation type is recommended in most cases)

§  Custom. A user can specify a list of components to be installed.

Unavailable to exclude during installation:

Components, which can be excluded during installation and will not be installed as the *.exe file:

When a component is selected, the Component Description box shows information on the space required to install this component.

The Check Control Sums Every Time Prognoz Platform 8 Runs checkbox determines whether Prognoz Platform 8 integrity check is executed. If the checkbox is selected, every time Prognoz Platform 8 runs, the executed files are checked for integrity and correspondence of their contents to the standard. By default the checkbox is deselected, and Prognoz Platform 8 is not checked for integrity. The option value is applied only for the installed release.

Click the Disk button to view information on the disk space required to install the selected features, and the workstation free disk space. The information will be displayed about the hard disk partitions, their size, free disk space and the size required to install the selected features.

After determining the components content click the Next button.

  1. Click the Install button to begin the installation.

  1. Click the Finish button on the last page of the wizard to finish installation.

At this stage Prognoz Platform 8 installation is finished, you can continue with DBMS setup.

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