Requirements to Operating System Settings

This section contains Prognoz Platform 8 requirements to operating system settings. Meeting these requirements will ensure proper installation and running of Prognoz Platform 8.

Requirements to Settings before Installing Prognoz Platform 8

Before installing Prognoz Platform 8, check:

IMPORTANT. It is prohibited to change the system time if PROGNOZ 5 or Prognoz Platform 8 were installed even once. If the system time is changed, no licenses will work.

Refer to database documentation to learn additional requirements for DBMS back end installation.

Requirements for the Settings for Working with Prognoz Platform 8

Working with Prognoz Platform 8 requires:

NOTE. Refer to database documentation to get precise numbers of ports and required services.

Working with Prognoz Platform 8 as part of DHTML application requires:

Interaction of Prognoz Platform 8 and license server requires:

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System Requirements