Using CUDA Architecture

CUDA is a hardware-software architecture for parallel calculations developed by the Nvidia company, which enables the user to increase calculation performance due to the use of graphics processing units (GPU). Prognoz Platform 8 contains a special library that enables the user to use CUDA architecture for calculation of aggregated data in various platform tools.

NOTE. CUDA architecture is supported only by 64-bit Windows version of Prognoz Platform starting with version 8.1.

Installation and Setup

To calculate by means of CUDA:

  1. Check if the installed video adapter supports CUDA architecture. Information about video card compatibility with CUDA is available in video card documentation or in the company site. If it is planned to work in the Prognoz Platform 8 desktop application, it is required to check the workstation video adapter. On working with the web application, check video card of the workstation where BI server is installed.

  2. Install additional software: CUDA Toolkit 7.0.

  3. Open operating system registry and in the [KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JSC Prognoz\Prognoz\8.0\<Prognoz Platform version>\Stat\] branch add the EnableCalcWithGPU flag (parameter type is DWORD (32-bit)), and specify the 1 value in it.

After all the steps are successfully executed, Prognoz Platform 8 will be automatically set up to use the CUDA architecture. CUDA is used in the following cases: